Hóa chất phosphinocarboxylic acid PCA

hóa chất phosphinocarboxylic acid pca


Appearance:Light  yellow transparent viscous liquid

Solid content % : 40 MIN

pH(1% water solution 250C):3.5 – 4.5

Density (200C) g/cm3 : 1.2 – 1.24

Molecular weight : about 3500

Viscocity (25DC) cps : 100 – 160


– Scale & corrosion inhibitor and dispersant for super lower phosphorous content

– Boiler water treatment: Sludge conditioner for calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, silicate

– Widely used in water systems of refinery plant, chemical plant, drilling oil and steel mills,  etc.

– Oil drilling field water treatment for scale control

– Scale control in reverse osmosis

Parking: 250kg/drum


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